The ATP Cargo Aircraft

The ATP CARGO AIRCRAFT is the most cost efficient regional cargo aircraft in the 8 ton cargo segment. This is valid for both metric volume as well as payload.

The ATP CARGO AIRCRAFT is very versitaile and rugged aircraft being able to operate under very harsh and though conditions as well under restrictions considring low noice and shorter runway requirements than its competitors. The aircraft is presented below.


Aircraft specificationsLarge Freight DoorMedium Freight Door
Loading Capacity Kg8000 kgs8000 kgs
Loading Capacity lbs17,637 lbs17,637 lbs
Main Deck Volume66 m³66 m³
Main Deck Door – forward1.73 m x 0.71 m1.73 m x 0.71 m
Main Deck Door – aft1.72 m x 2.63 m1.57 m x 0.71 m
Length26 m26 m
Wingspan30.63 m30.63 m
Max Range Nautical Miles2200 nm2200 nm
Max Range Kilometres4074 km4074 km
Cruising Speed Mach0.40 Mach0.40 Mach
Cruising Speed Km/h494 Km/h494 Km/h

Download Document as pdf: The ATP-F cargo load system folder • (1 MB)